Palm Beach County MTA, Inc. is an affiliate of Florida State Music Teachers Association (FSMTA) and of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the oldest professional music association in America. 

Our local group was founded in 1942 to create and maintain a high standard  of music teaching, to encourage music study among pre-college students, to ex-change information and musical ideas among its members and to be a force for the betterment of the community through fine music.

                   General Meeting

FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014
10:00 - Noon

First Presbyterian Church
301 S. Olive Ave., WPB

Election of Officers will be held.
Arrive early for refreshments.
Invite a friend or potential member.

presented by Diane Gwynn McWhorter:
"Teaching a Combined Voice and Piano Lesson to Young Beginning Students"


CONGRATULATIONS to the following students and teachers:

ELEMENTARY: 1st Place:  Tu-Anh Nguyer  
                           2nd Place:  Madison Yan 
                           3rd Place:   Donovan Wu 
                           (all students of Irena Kofman)

INTERMEDIATE: 1st Place:  Joy Quan (Dr. Kofman)
                            2nd Place:  Jada Campbell (Dr. Irena Kofman)
                            3rd Place:  Sam Chen (Dr. Irena Kofman)
                            Honorable Mention: Lylybell Zhou  
 (Ruo Huang-Balko)
SENIOR:  1st Place:  Dan Tran (Dr. Leonid Treer)   
                 2nd Place:  Alvin Xue (Ruo Huang-Balko)
                 3rd Place:  Arthur Gerlach (Ruo Huang-Balko)

The competition was held at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Boca Raton and we extend our appreciation to Bob Luptak for allowing us to use this beautiful gallery.