Palm Beach County MTA, Inc. is an affiliate of Florida State Music Teachers Association (FSMTA) and of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the oldest professional music association in America. 

Our local group was founded in 1942 to create and maintain a high standard  of music teaching, to encourage music study among pre-college students, to ex-change information and musical ideas among its members and to be a force for the betterment of the community through fine music.



Friday, March 13, 2015

10:00am - Noon


Jupiter Academy of Music
500 Commerce Way West

Jupiter, FL 33458

Program: "Collaberative Playing"

Presented by

Piano Duo Gastesi - Bezerra

Internationally acclaimed Duo Gastesi-Bezerra has delighted audiences for over a decade with exciting programs of traditional and contemporary music for piano ensemble.  They have commissioned and premiered more than twenty works by renowned and upcoming composers.

 Performances of the duo have been broadcast on National Public Radio station WXEL (Palm Beach),Rádio Cultura (Brazil), Radio Ona Mallorca (Spain), Radio Nacional de España (Radio Clásica), and Radio Beograd (Serbia).

Duo Gastesi-Bezerra is the official piano-duo-in-residence of Palm Beach Atlantic University.

A native of the Basque Country, pianist Estibaliz Gastesi has performed throughout Europe and the United States. Dr. Gastesi is also an active ethnomusicologist, having published articles and reviews in respected journals in the field. Her latest research was published by the University of Nevada Press.

Brazilian pianist Márcio Bezerra has been performing often at several music halls of Brazil and the United States. He has participated in several editions of the Festival Música Nova de Santos to rave reviews. A distinguished Fulbright and CDMC scholar, his doctoral dissertation was published by the prestigious Alain Van Kerckhoven Éditeur (Belgium).


to the
2015 District VI Concerto Winners
(Photos on Photo page)


1st Place: Sallie Zhou, teacher Irena Kofman

Alternate: Grace Baek, teacher Jiyeon Baek

2 Honorable Mentions:
Serenity Chan, teacher Irena Kofman 

Nika Kazumyau, teacher Marina Berberian


1st Place: Serena Zhou, teacher Maria Gomez

Alternate: Carol Jiang, teacher Roxanne Stevenson

Honorable Mention: Madison Yan, teacher Irena Kofman


1st Place: Christine Chong, teacher Maria Gomez

Alternate: Shang Chen, teacher Irena Kofman

Honorable Mention: Christine Tao, teacher Maria Gomez


1st Place: James Leng, teacher Paul Posnak

Alternate: Jonathan Reichenberger, teacher Maria Gomez



1st Place: John Paul Younes, teacher Leana Strouse


1st Place: Kai Zaragoza, teacher Tina Raimondi

Alternate: Pierre Younes, teacher Leana Strouse

Honorable Mention: Sarah Walenciak, teacher Leana Strouse


1st Place: Abigail McNutt, teacher Tina Raimondi

Alternate: Francesca Puro, teacher Tina Raimondi

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Crane, teacher Tina Raimondi


1st Place: Elizabeth Shin, teacher Tina Raimondi

Alternate: Matthew Satar, teacher Leana Strouse